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Dear Friends, Happy Easter, strange feeling not to be sharing this time with family and friends! It’s taken me a while to put this together as all of us are dealing with these unprecedented times we face.

Golf is my lively hood so like most of you not being able to work is a shock to the system. I decided in this blog to just share what I been doing the last few weeks and not talk about the PGA events leading up to the lockdown.

We all face different challenges and I wanted to try to stay connected with you on Instagram as much as possible sharing what I have been doing to keep positive and for you to take your mind off day to day stuff watching my posts.


You all know what a petrol head I am and if I could do something else than playing golf how I would love to be a F1 driver (being good enough is another question!). So when the opportunity came along to get involved in these esports races on the SIM it was a no brainer. The first event ‘Not The Bahrain GP’ @veloce_esport was live streamed on youtube.com and @twitch, lining up against @landonorris @thibautcourtois @estebangtz and many more. I joined the @renaultf1team alongside @gyzhou_33.

Had a great time although my performance was poor to say the least. And there was some controversy whether I pushed @landonorris off the track. However, this led to #challengeLANDO a week or so later which trust me I worked hard for. But to say I performed badly was an understatement, so disappointed, ‘stick to golf’ is the phrase I would use!

During this time there are many businesses that are trying to support the front line Dr’s and nurses and one of my sponsors set up helpinghand@auraelifestyle.com to deliver groceries and supplies to the front line workers.
Together Aurae and myself are matching an amount in helping Doctors and Nurses in Orlando, NYC and the NHS in the United Kingdom.
I am also working through signing hundreds of shoes, hats, gloves, shirts that we will auction off for charity here in the USA and UK on my web site. Full details will be announced on all my social media channels in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, lots of friends in the golfing world have been doing their part and great to see @billy66foz auctioning off this signed Masters and Ryder Cup stuff.

As I said in the introduction, keeping active on social media and had fun hosting @MasterCard ‘live’ on twitter, playing darts with @shanelowrygolf who is 2-0 as I write this ahhhh… Also trying to set up a snooker match with s_hendry775, 7 times world snooker champion and yesterday a ‘kitchen bake off’ with @tomsstory & @jamie_redknapp & others.in that wind on the Sunday!

I said I would not talk golf but it is @MASTERS week so I went back through the years of playing the Par 3 contest and to share some memories with you.
2004 – first Masters 2005 – @poulter.terry 2006 – did not qualify 2007 –@lukepoults24 and @aimeeleighpoulter 2008 – @djspoony and @lukepoults24 2009 – Old Friend 2010 – Luke and Aimee 2011 – Mum 2012 – auctioned off for charity 2013 – did not play par 3 2014 – RJ 2015 – @likepoults24 2016 – Todd Wagner 2017 – Did not qualify 2018 – did not play par 3 2019 – Andy Day

At this point they have announced the Masters will be hosted in November. From a player’s perspective it will be interesting to play that time of year with the fairways being over seeded and the ball should run. But before thinking that far ahead we need the world to get back to work in some form or another with still staying safe.

A school friend from the UK sent me a DM saying: ‘Do you remember I collected your GCSE English exam papers, would you like them?’ 30 years later! No wonder I have never seen them till now, thank you, Peter! You will see these 4 pages are called ‘Autobiography of my Golfing Life’ aged 14 at the time I wrote some very interesting things back then. My HCP was 27, after 6 months of working part time at a golf club, got it down to 10. By 15 I had earnt enough money to buy my first set of clubs for 600 pounds. I was paying 4 pounds’ weekdays and 6 pounds at weekends to play golf. On P.3 last paragraph ‘I will only have to drop another 5 strokes off my HCP and I can pro. I am hoping to turn pro and become @pga qualified and get a tour card to play in bib competitions around the world’. Well I guess at 14 years old I had the DREAM and passion to write this and more than anything I had the BELIEF which has never wavered. Anyone who says it can’t be done is full of nonsense. Believe in yourself and never listen to those who don’t want to dream with you and work hard to fulfill the things that keep you motivated. On this day 1 year ago I had the chance to win @the masters. It did not happen but I still keep dreaming and after 30 years on from a school kid with a dream I am still living in one. So be strong, anything is possible.

My last words to all of you reading this, we are all in this together. Yes, some people will be more effected than others depending on work, age, health, so we MUST respect our fellow human beings and take this very seriously by observing the guidelines. This is the only way we can get back to some form of working through for sure it will not be what we were used to but let’s be positive – we will come out the other side.

Stay safe
My very best wishes

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